Why Do People Worry About Visiting the Dentist in Harley Street?

Dentist explaining to a woman

For some people, visiting the dentist in Harley Street is easy and a normal part of life. For others, the experience can be emotionally fraught. People experience anything from low-level feelings of concern or anxiety to full-blown panic attacks or extreme avoidance behaviours. All of these are fairly common and there are things that can be done to help.

Some feelings can mean that people avoid visiting the dentist in Harley Street. However, it is possible to find a practice, like Harley Street Dental Clinic that welcomes the opportunity to work with tricky patients. This is because they feel like they can change people’s perception and ongoing experience of caring for the dental health. In the long-term, this means that someone is more likely to take good care of their teeth and visit the dentist when they need to.

What can be done?

Most people who have a difficult time visiting the dentist in Harley Street have a poor perception of what their experience will be like. This might be based on real past experience or it can be due to social perceptions about dentistry. In any case, it is the goal of a good dentist to ensure that someone has a relaxing, discomfort-free experience wherever possible. They can achieve this in a number of different ways. Once the patient has a positive experience, this creates a more relaxing perception of the dentist and can lead to further good visits in the future.

Good communication

This is the first step towards ensuring that the patient is happy. It might take place prior to, during or after treatment.

Before a procedure, the patient can be given all the information they need to prepare and be reassured about any sensations they might feel.

During treatment, the dentist can keep up a running commentary so that the patient never needs to feel like they do not know what is going on or what will happen next.

Afterwards, the dentist can get feedback from the patient, so they know for certain that they had a good experience. If they did not for any reason, this information can be used to find out what went wrong and refine the process for any future appointments.


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