Why People Love Dental Implants in Cheltenham

Woman smiling showing teeth

Woman smiling showing teethEven though the cost of dental implants in Cheltenham may seem high, they have still become people’s first choice for replacing lost teeth. Dental implants have a range of benefits that out-do the alternative replacement methods of full or partial dentures and fixed bridge work.

The reason for this is that dental implants in Cheltenham replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown. Teeth need roots to be properly anchored. Dental implants are available from various dental practice in the area, including Cheltenham Dental Spa. Let’s take a look at the benefits of implants.

Keeping the jaw in good condition

Having dental implants embedded in the jaw performs a vital function for the jawbone itself. The bone cells rely on the vibrations that reverberate down through the tooth root to tell them that the jawbone is still in use. If the cells no longer receive that signal, they don’t just sit there doing nothing, they actively start to dissolve the bone and can get rid of up to 25% of the bone tissue around an empty socket in a year after the tooth came out. It doesn’t just shrink in size, it’s gets all spongey, like the dried-out oasis used to keep flower arrangements in place. It can’t hold a tooth root, or a dental implant in place. From the outside, a face that has lost all its teeth looks caved in on itself with no teeth to support the cheeks and a much smaller jawbone.

Freedom with food

Chewing takes a lot of force, which is why teeth are embedded into the jawbone. Teeth that rely on suction to the gums for their stability, as dentures do, can only offer about a quarter of the chewing force that natural teeth can sustain. This means that people with dentures often have to stick to a diet of soft foods, which cuts out all sorts of great things like roast potatoes and steaks and raw vegetables. Nutrition-wise, this isn’t brilliant.

Clarity of speech

Forming words clearly means being able to use the teeth, and if they are not stable, it’s hard to talk clearly.


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