Why Pharmacists Are Overworked and Underappreciated

Something that people may not consider is what all it takes to run a pharmacy. There’s managing pills, long standing times, managing patients, and dealing with questions, all while making sure that everyone is staying within the law. It’s a difficult job to say the least especially when larger companies don’t take into account the health and benefits that their employees need.

When someone is measured only on their productivity after eight years of studying (at the least), it leads to things like the Kansas City walkout, and unionization that finally gets what workers deserve. Pharmacy workers, technicians, and doctors have to deal with a great amount of consolidation in businesses and also have to deal with insurance issues.

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When a patient has to see how much they have to pay out of pocket it can be the start of a great argument at the pharmacy check out. The changes in insurance have made it difficult for independent pharmacies to stay afloat and allowed the influx of big-name pharmacies. This makes it more difficult on pharmacists and technicians who have to deal with the changes in insurance, irate patients, and difficult working conditions.



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