3 Easy Ways to Convince Your Elderly Parent It’s Time for Assisted Living

aging parentsEveryone wants to stay in his or her home for the longest time possible. It’s why people spend a fortune buying a home and making it as inviting as possible. That’s also the reason your aging parent may feel uncomfortable about leaving home and moving to a senior living facility, even when you know it’s in his or her best interests to do so.

To make them comfortable with the transition, here’s how to go about it:

Suggest the Idea First

It’s important you approach the subject as a suggestion, not as though you’ve already made up your mind about it. Look for an opportunity to tell your loved one that there are options that could make their life more enjoyable. Understand that they may not accept the idea right away. If they don’t, then don’t be pushy. Wait for some other time.

Find suitable assisted living centers

If your elderly loved one is open to exploring the senior living options available, then take the time to research ideal facilities around your area. If possible, encourage him or her to come with you to tour some. But, if they’re uncomfortable with this step, drop it and wait for a more opportune moment. Ultimately, you want them to know that you don’t make the decision on behalf of them.

Use a teachable moment

If you are convinced that your loved one is in need of assisted living, then don’t be impatient. A teachable moment will present itself soon enough. For instance, if they fell but didn’t get hurt, you may point out how close that call was, and how having other people around them would make everyone comfortable. This is a perfect moment to mention that nice senior living community in Layton you learned about the other day. Perhaps, that teachable moment motivates them to agree to check out that facility.

Assisted living can significantly improve the quality of life of your aging loved one, although they may not see it at first. But by talking to them in the right manner, you can help make the transition easier.


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