3 Most Common Sports Injuries Athletes Experience

Soccer Player Suffering From Knee Injury

Many individuals play sports in one way or another, whether for fun or as an athlete. Sports activities provide avenues for people to unwind, exercise, and practice the event they’re good at. Though there are many benefits to playing sports, but there are accompanying risks, too.

Whether you’re a highly professional and experienced athlete or a novice in the world of sports, injuries are common in both practices and actual events. People who play competitive sports are prone to injuries, which you can treat through sports medicine clinics in Provo, Utah such as Michael J. Carlson, MD.

Here’s a rundown of the most common sports injuries.

1. Dislocations

A dislocation happens when there is an injury to the joint forcing the ends of the bones to go out of place. The most common part of the bod that easily dislocates after a forceful blow is the knee. Also dubbed as luxation, it’s most commonly seen in contact sports such as football and basketball.

A doctor can place a dislocated joint back in place. But in some instances, the connective tissue surrounding the joint may incur severe damage. The most common joints easily dislocated include the knees, hand, fingers, and shoulders.

2. Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains are common sports injuries often attended to by orthopedics. Sprains happen when a ligament overstretches. These are bands of connectives tissues responsible for attaching one bone to another. On the other hand, strains happen when a muscle or tendon stretches too much.

The body responds to these injuries with signs of bruising, tenderness, inflammation, and stiffness.

3. Fractures

A more serious sports injury is a fracture. Also called a broken bone, a fracture is caused by a strong force that creates an injury to the bone. There can be small cracks, or the bone can completely break because of injuries during contact sports.

Preventing these injuries are essential through wearing protective gears. But, if there are sports injuries, it’s also crucial for a sports doctor to be present during the game.


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