What to Expect from Dental Treatment Overseas

a male dentist talking to a female patient

A good dental hygiene routine at home and regular dental check-ups are key to maintaining good dental health. But what about going that one step further and creating a winning smile? Cosmetic dentistry is the go-to solution for patients with dental imperfections that are holding back their smiles. However, the cost of cosmetic dental treatments can be prohibitive.

With cheap flights available to Hungary, seeking dental treatment overseas with a dental clinic such as Access Smile, is one way to achieve a dream smile without breaking the bank.

What does the patient journey look like with dental treatment overseas?

Dental treatment can make many patients feel anxious; dental treatment overseas more so. Taking a look at what the patient journey involves can help ease this anxiety.

Step 1 – The Quote

After getting in touch with a dental clinic that offers dental treatment overseas, a treatment consultant will arrange for a quote. Where possible this will involve an in-person consultation so that a dental examination can be carried out. This can even be carried out at the overseas dental clinic, where the patient can also tour the facilities.

If an in-person consultation isn’t possible, information provided by the patient alongside x-rays taken at a facility local to the patient will instead form the basis of the quote.

The quote itself will include a detailed breakdown of the exact costs involved and the different options available.

Step 2 – Organising The Trip

Once the treatment has been decided upon, a patient co-ordinator will arrange the particulars of the trip, including accommodation and clinic visits. The patient will also be provided with documents detailing the treatment, payment terms and treatment guarantee.

Step 3 – The Treatment

The time taken to complete the treatment will depend on exactly what needs to be done. Throughout the process the patient will be kept as comfortable as possible, and they will have ample time to ask questions before treatment begins.

Step 4 – After-care

Dental check-ups and cleanings every six months are recommended after treatment to ensure everything is in order and to catch any potential problems before they become serious. This ensures that the patient can enjoy the results of their treatment for as long as possible.


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