3 Reasons Clear Retainers Are Good for Your Teeth

Invisible braces

Invisible bracesEveryone wants a great smile, but for others who are born with a few orthodontic issues, it can require the use of certain tools. Among these are retainers, which help align the teeth for a better smile.

Here are a few reasons an invisible retainer is a great option for correcting your smile:

Cosmetic advantage over other types

If there were one main advantage of clear retainers, it would have to be the cosmetic benefit of not having a “metal mouth” or visible retainers once your braces are removed. This is perfect for short-term corrections, as it will not necessarily disrupt your daily lifestyle.

That is because invisible retainers will require certain adjustments, such as avoiding grinding or removing them during mealtimes. However, they can make the time you are wearing retainers a bit more palatable.

Better for milder teeth corrections

Not all corrections call for long exposures to dental aligners. Some teeth are only mildly crooked or crowded, which means it will only take a short while to get them into place. This is where the invisible retainer shines as a more effective choice.

Clear orthodontic aligners are the more commonly used options to correct mild teeth crowding. What’s more, it is also the usual option for correcting adults’ or teens’ teeth, given that they are customized with a tighter and more set fit.

Regular wear for better results

The question of how long one should wear retainers is always a concern for most users. Depending on the type of retainer, you might want to wear it for shorter periods or confined within a certain space, like the home.

When you use an invisible retainer, however, there is the benefit of having a rather standard time of around nine months to one year. Patients will just need to wear this retainer every night for a year to ensure that the teeth are held in place as they adjust to the new contour.

Get your teeth corrected early on, and get invisible retainers to ensure that you do not lose your grand smile even during the treatment period.


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