Hospice Support Programs for Family Members and Caregivers

woman recovering in a hospice

When families place a loved one in a palliative care setting, there is an impression that they have given up. On the contrary, family involvement is part of the program of hospice centers in Indiana. The family is important, and so are programs for family members and caregivers.

A caring environment, a capable team

A facility that provides comfort to a patient suffering from chronic illness offers specialized care that typical hospitals may not be able to afford. A place that is quiet, calm, and somewhat familiar can help a patient deal with the illness.

In this setting, the medical team can provide the treatment regimen in collaboration with the family.

The role of the family and caregiver

End of life care is difficult for relatives and caregivers. The family needs attention and support as well. One of the most important roles of the medical team is to help and support the family. Educating relatives and caregivers on symptom control and in meeting daily needs is at the core of quality care.

The medical team can also offer guidance on availing community resources, and refer them to institutions providing financial support when the need arises.

Grief support

The day when one’s family member is gone is not difficult to imagine for those in a hospice environment. Grief specialists can provide a unique perspective to guide relative of the ill through their journey. The emotional and social well-being of families of persons with advanced illness is important as well.

While they are caring for the patient, their emotions are already frayed, and they may have great difficulty dealing with the loss when the time comes if they are unprepared. This kind of support is also available to family members from the same facility.

End of life care is difficult and complex, and family members are deeply involved from beginning to end. Support and help for them are available. If you are caring for a family member who is in palliative care, perhaps you must consider getting support as well.


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