5 Ways Dental Implants Help Improve Oral Health

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Dental Implants to Improve Oral HealthBesides their superior appearance and function, dental implants help safeguard and enhance long-term oral health. Here are five ways dental implants from jordanriverdental.com in South Jordan can help improve your oral health.

Implants Leave Nearby Teeth Intact

Dental implants are not tooth-supported. They don’t depend on adjacent teeth for support. Implants, therefore, don’t come in at the expense of other teeth. Rather, they help preserve tooth structure.

With implants, there is no need to reduce other teeth in the mouth. The teeth around the implant are not altered. Long-term dental health improves when remaining teeth stay intact.

Implants Avert the Shifting of Teeth

Dental implants neither slip nor shift. Their stability can help prevent the shifting of choppers around them. This action can help preserve jawbone and the contour of the face.

Implants Keep the Jawbone Healthy and Intact

If you replace missing teeth with a bridge, some of the bone that used to surround the lost teeth will deteriorate. Conversely, implants can help preserve your jawbone.

Dental implants are prosthetic roots that replace natural tooth roots. When an implant substitutes a natural root, it integrates with the jawbone. This integration averts bone resorption.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is the key to oral health. Implants are easy to clean. Also, individual dental implants allow easier access between choppers. The implants can then help improve oral hygiene and eventually help safeguard dental health.

Potential Adherence to Routine Dental Visits

Dental implants are an investment. People with dental implants may be more keen on routine dental check-ups than people with no missing teeth. Increased visits to the dentist translate to better long-term dental health.

Prosthetic roots help make replacement teeth appear, feel and function almost like natural teeth. As a bonus, dental implants can help safeguard and ultimately improve your oral health.


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