Leading Your Team to a Healthy Future

People in spin class

People in spin classIt costs a company greatly when absenteeism is a rampant problem in the workplace. For every sick day, the productivity of the company dips. There are so many ways to keep employees healthy, but some of them are beyond your control. However, you can do something to encourage healthy changes in their lives. Look at the following suggestions:

Enroll the Company in a Private Fitness Program

You spend most of the day with the same people in the office. As much as you do not want to admit it, they influence your speech, actions, and perspectives. Why not turn that into a good thing? Seattle companies can take advantage of personal training programs for groups, so you and everyone at work can influence each other to stay fit.

Encourage Healthy Eating

Companies that offer lunch have an advantage: they can switch the menu to something healthier anytime. If it is too drastic of a change for your employees, try going for greener options once a week. Gradual change is better than no change at all. For companies that do not offer a shared lunch, you can collaborate with a nutritionist to come in and show employees what they should be eating for their ideal body type.

Talk About Achieving Your Own Goals

You are the captain of this boat, so lead by example. If you have overcome any health struggle, it can be an inspirational story for your employees. Even if it is something that you are still struggling with, you can get support from them while you encourage them to work on their own struggles. Remember that influence can go both ways. You influence them to get rid of unhealthy habits while they influence you to be more forthcoming with your struggles.

Your company can be a family working on the same goals. To get to that level, eradicate barriers and remove health issues that might be stopping you.


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