Adult Orthodontics – Is Now The Right Time?

Opting for braces at any time of life can be a tricky decision; they have, for years and years, come with negative connotations leaving people feeling less than thrilled at the prospect of donning their new smile full of wires or plastic and heading back into the world. Luckily we’re in a new age one where people are becoming far more accepting of braces, especially within adulthood and one where the options available to us are far wider and more appealing to those wanting to make changes in their later years.

What Can Braces Do?

Braces are capable of doing lots of things, including addressing bite issues such as over or underbites, correcting crowding, closing gaps, moving overlaps, and realigning. The severity of the issue at hand will impact which type of brace you need; this will be discussed with your orthodontist Liverpool during an initial consultation.

Types Of Braces

There are two main strands of braces either clear aligners or fixed wires. Both are excellent for correcting a multitude of issues, and both have their good and bad points.

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Straightening As An Adult

One of the biggest things when straightening as an adult is making sure you have the right brace for you. There are lots of options out there, but you need to know what brace will make you feel comfortable during the straightening process.

Benefits Of Clear Braces

As an adult, one of the biggest things people want is to make their straightening journey as un-noticeable as possible and that’s really very possible now with Invisalign taking a giant leap forward in the last ten years or so. With these amazing clear trays, your braces are barely noticeable. They are designed to fit super snugly over your teeth and the crystal clear plastic means your teeth are completely visible through the plastic.

Another benefit is that these braces are totally removable which means you can take them out for cleaning and eating. This is great as you’re still able to floss daily and keep on top of your gum health but also so that you can carry on eating the same diet and living the same lifestyle as before you had braces.

Benefits Of Wired Braces

Wired braces are obviously far more noticeable to people; however, they do come with some great features. Firstly they are able to fix a multitude of dental issues, and so if you’re someone who’s wanting to address a bite, a gap and some overcrowding you’re likely going to want to opt for these as they will in general make the necessary move quicker than other types of braces.

They’re also cheaper than clear braces. We’re living in trying times financially but this shouldn’t stop people from getting the smile they’ve always wanted. Wired braces are usually considerably cheaper than clear braces and with 0% finance options out there they are accessible to everyone.

Getting Started

Book in with your orthodontist to start your journey to straight teeth as an adult.


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