How to take excellent care of your Invisalign

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How to take excellent care of your Invisalign

If you’ve recently decided to take the plunge and invest in Invisalign aligners, then you’re probably going to want to do all you can to keep them in tip top condition and you’ll be pleased to hear it doesn’t take much to get your aligners looking beautiful and bright again.

What makes up the Invisalign system?

In order to gain a little clarity on what you should be doing to keep these aligners in the best condition, it’s good to understand exactly what they are and how they work.

Invisalign Weybridge are clear plastic aligner trays that sit flush over the teeth and use a light force to move teeth from one position to another, every two weeks or so you move to a new set of aligners which cause the next shift in movement, this continues until you reach the desired result.

You’ll be wearing each set of trays for approximately two weeks as mentioned and so during this time you want to keep the current trays looking pristine, so how do you do this?

Cleaning your aligners

The trays themselves are pretty tough but they certainly aren’t indestructible and can easily come up against issues if they aren’t correctly cared for. You should be cleaning your aligners every day, but with a clear or non-abrasive soap. Be wary of the product you are putting on your aligners when you do clean them and if you aren’t sure of anything, the sensible thing to do is to clear the product with your dentist.

You should be cleaning the aligners both on the outside and inside as plaque and tartar can build up on both. You will see it build up as it will turn a white colour on the surface of the aligners. When you’re brushing try not to use too much force as this could cause damage.

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Cleaning crystals

It could be worth investing in some cleaning crystals to help take off the extra bacteria you can’t see. Invisalign have their own brand, but there are other options on the market such as Retainer Brite or even just a denture cleaning solution. Go with whichever option is accessible and affordable for you. These cleaning solutions tend to give back that super shiny look to the trays and so are well worth the investment.

Cleaning your teeth

An area not to overlook when thinking about the care of your Invisalign is the health of your teeth. Just because your current focus is on getting your teeth moved into a new position it doesn’t mean your oral hygiene should take a back seat. The overall health of your smile is still extremely important and maintaining good oral hygiene practice during your treatment period is key if you want to avoid gum disease or decay.

Basic oral hygiene

A quick overview of a good oral hygiene routine means always brush twice a day for at least two minutes, using the correct brushing technique. If you are unsure what this is look online, as there are hundreds of resources out there.

Floss every day without fail.


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