The Advantages of Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist in Harley Street

Woman with healthy teeth

A woman with healthy teethCosmetic dentistry has been developing rapidly over the years, introducing new methods and treatments that can visibly improve a patient’s smile and self-esteem. Modern cosmetic dentistry can provide high-quality health and aesthetic results that were once available only to a privileged few.

A cosmetic dentist, can provide a wide variety of treatment options – from teeth whitening, dental veneers and white fillings to complete cosmetic dental makeovers. The best way for patients to decide which treatment is right for them, is to visit a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street, such as those at Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Teeth whitening

In Harley Street, teeth whitening can be performed at home or at the dental clinic. Home whitening involves the creation of customised bleaching trays that patients have to wear along with bleaching gel for a few hours every day. In about two weeks, results will start to appear and teeth will be significantly brighter.

The other whitening option, power whitening, is performed in the dentist’s chair in less than an hour. The dentist will apply the bleaching gel directly on the teeth, taking care to protect the lips and gums. A special light is then positioned against the teeth, activating the bleaching process. At the end of the treatment, patients will have their teeth brightened by several shades.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are very thin porcelain laminates, which are used to enhance the shape, size, and colour of the teeth. This treatment only takes two visits; the first visit is for the cosmetic dentist in Harley Street to remove a small layer of tooth enamel from the surface of the teeth, covering them with temporary veneers. The second visit involves removing the temporary veneers, to be replaced with the final veneers. Veneers are very versatile and durable, and can last for many years. Porcelain veneers, in particular, look very natural because porcelain has the same light reflecting ability as natural teeth.

White fillings

White fillings can not only improve the appearance of a patient’s smile, but they can also make it healthier and more durable. These composite restorations are sculpted directly on the teeth, enhancing their appearance and biting function.


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