Straight Talk: Creating Your Smile with Invisalign

Woman wearing invisalignInvisalign is an alternative to metal braces. They are invisible braces that help to realign teeth, among fixing other dental problems. One of the benefits of Invisalign as opposed to metal braces in the flexibility they afford you and the shorter treatment time.

From crooked teeth to overbite, Invisalign is an excellent tooth fixing practice in Highland Park. Of course, it will not fix all your dental issues, and Lasting Smiles of Highland Park will agree. However, with Invisalign trays, you can correct these conditions:

Gapped teeth

Although gaps are most common on the upper jaw between the front teeth, they can also occur in other places of your bite. Gaps can result from abnormal growth of the jaw bone or tooth loss. Whatever the cause, you have to correct gaps to enhance your smile.

More importantly, gaps could increase your chances of developing gum diseases because the gum is vulnerable and unprotected.

Underbite and overbite

Overbite refers to a condition where the upper teeth will bite far over the lower ones. It results from poor hygiene or genetics. One can correct overbite with Invisalign. Overbites can cause irritated gums, a painful jaw, and chewing difficulties.

Underbite, on the contrary, is when the front teeth at the lower jaw protrude past the upper ones. The bite can cause trouble chewing and pain in the joints.

Open bite and crossbite

For an open bite, the teeth do not make physical contact when the jaw is closed. The most common cause of this is genetics, although some cases result from finger sucking. An open bite can cause speech impairment and increase the risk of TMJ disorder.

On the other hand, crossbite refers to teeth that align strangely so that, for example, some of the upper teeth touch the inside of the lower teeth. Crossbite can result in bone loss.

Sometimes it could be that your dental problems don’t fit within any of these categories. The best person to determine whether the treatment can work for you is your dentist. Although it comes with its demands, Invisalign allows you to not only correct your smile but also to have the ability to track movements every week, so you feel an element of control.


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