All About Gluten: Do You Think You are Intolerant?

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Another health “trend” that has been around lately, aside from going organic, is going gluten-free. But what exactly is gluten and why do people actively avoid it? How will you know if you belong to the bracket of people who are gluten intolerant?

If it is so bad, why is it still sold in the market and why do people still consume it? Read on to find out.

What is gluten?

Reading a gluten-free food blog and recipes can help you determine a pattern. Gluten-infused ingredients such as wheat, barley, and rye, among others, are often not on the list.

This is because these natural grains are carriers of the natural protein called gluten. Gluten is responsible for bread’s chewy texture, making it a very common and necessary ingredient.

But, gluten intolerance due to the formation of certain health conditions like celiac diseases is a good reason to avoid the protein altogether.

Gastrointestinal problems

Diarrhoea, constipation, and bloating are common signs of gluten intolerance that are often mistaken for other symptoms like PMS but are, in reality, your body’s way of reacting to gluten you just consumed.

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue happens for many reasons. If you have chronic fatigue along with other symptoms like diarrhoea, chances are you are allergic to gluten. This causes your body to absorb the nutrients ineffectively that you eat which makes you feel tired all the time.

A migraine

If your headache strikes within two hours after consuming food with gluten, chances are, you might be intolerant to the protein.

Mood swings

These symptoms can also be confused with other conditions that have something to do with your monthly cycle, but studies show that your gut might have an actual effect on your brain and your overall mood. So, taking care of it through cutting gluten might actually work.

Suspecting that you are gluten intolerant? There is no better way to be sure than by visiting your doctor to get tested.


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