4 Tips to Make Sure You Are Healthy in the City

woman eating a salad

woman eating a saladMetro Manila is known as one of the biggest and most populated metropolitan areas in the world. This, however, means there are horrible traffic and pollution in this region. Staying healthy in the National Capital Region is a challenge because of the high cost of living and constant exposure to pollution. But that does not mean that it cannot be done.

Here are four tips that can help you become healthier while staying in the city:

Check into a health clinic once every three months

If you’re conscious about your health, it’s always great to have regular checkups with the doctor. This solves the health issues while they are still early. The doctor can also recommend a lot of tips that will make sure you’re healthy. If you have ailments, they can suggest buying medication and supplements that will assist you in recovering. MyHealth Clinic recommends looking for a health clinic in the Philippines that will help you stay at the peak of your health.

Grow an urban garden

Vegetable prices in Manila can be high, as they need to be transported from the provinces. To help manage the expenses, you can grow an urban garden in your backyard.

Wear face masks on your way to work

You don’t want to inhale the poisonous gas and other pollutants in the air. Face masks are your best bet to avoid air-borne viruses and diseases.

Jog every day

The beauty of being in Metro Manila is the fact that you have many choices on where to jog. The most popular ones are Bonifacio Global City and the University of the Philippines-Diliman.

By staying active and healthy, you are ensuring that you’ll live longer. This will enable you to maximize your time, so you can achieve more in life.


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