Allowing Your Elderly to Age with Dignity

helping the elderly

Growing old is a blessing. But for some, they feel like it is an undignified phase of their lives. This is because they become less mobile or less productive. If you have a loved one reaching this stage, how can you give assurance that growing old is a good thing? Here are some ideas:

Provide the Health Care They Need

One of the best ways that they can feel good about themselves is to address their health issues. Consult doctors to keep your elderly on top of their health. You can also enlist assisted living services in Phoenix, Arizona for them.

These people are more sensitive about how to treat senior citizens. Your elderly will not feel like they are being a burden or that they are being restricted. You can also have peace of mind that they are well taken care of in your absence.

Encourage Them to Be Social

Old age does not mean counting the days away while sitting on a rocking chair. Encourage your elderly to meet up with friends. They can have social gatherings such as a lunch out or a stroll around the park. Being outside will help them have better health. Also, the conversations can help them still become mentally adept. Having a social life will prevent them from feeling depressed.

You can also encourage their grandchildren to visit them often. Seeing the generations that came from them gives them pride and joy.

Surround Them with Positivity

son with elderly parents

One’s perspective can greatly change when they are filled with happy thoughts. Give your elderly a reason to smile and laugh. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

Also, help them process their emotions. Listen if they wish to tell of some past mistakes to help them ease a feeling of regret. Redirect their thoughts over what they have accomplished. Do not let them dwell on negative thoughts. Most of all, let them feel that they are loved.

Treat Them with Respect

An old person may sometimes feel invisible when their mind and body become frail. This is because others sometimes take control away from them. Give your elderly the utmost respect through simple things. Let them still choose their clothing or activities. Even with these simple decisions, you can empower them. Also, make them aware of their health and include them in planning for their general wellness. Do not just order them about and expect them to follow.

Do not isolate them. Try to include them in simple conversations. When someone directs them with a question, you can repeat or relay it to them. Avoid answering for them. Also, do not get mad when they seem to be slower or when they break things in the house.

Promote Self-development

Encourage your elderly to learn more. You can buy them books that are of interest to them. There are also some short courses that they can take such as computer classes. You may even encourage them to turn a hobby into a small profit business. Let them feel that they can still be productive.

Old age may be difficult without the proper support. But if your elderly know that they can count on people around them, it will be a joy to add more years to their life.


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