Great Innovations in Elderly Care

Nursing homes conjure images of seniors sitting in armchairs in a sterile, clinic-like environment. That’s why most seniors don’t want to relocate there. Modern elderly care has introduced innovations that have transformed the industry, however.

Gone are the days when assisted living facilities were more like hospitals. Seniors and their families increasingly reject such facilities, except where there is no other choice. With higher expectations and more recognition that seniors need fulfillment, care homes around the world coming up with ideas to make life great for their residents.

Elderly Homes and Nurseries

A care home in Seattle made headlines when toddlers who attended a day nursery attached to the building came to visit with the residents. The seniors loved the children and looked forward to their visits.

It had a noticeable effect on their mood. They were more cheerful, had a larger group of friends and better self-care skills. It even improved their memory, a fantastic side-effect for people with dementia. Many don’t have their grandchildren, so this is their only chance to see little ones.

Moreover, other countries have followed the U.S’s lead; a care home in Cheshire, England is set to open soon.

Elderly Activities? Try Sky Diving

Exercise is good for cardiovascular health, eases arthritis, and improves mood, but a care home in Sidmouth, UK, has taken the benefits of exercise a step further, letting their residents sky-diving and tree climbing, encouraging positive risk taking.

Dementia Villages

Several care homes like Hogeway village in Holland and the Georgian Bay Retirement home in Canada have recreated “1950’s style” villages complete with supermarkets, cinemas, hairdressers, and restaurants. Residents can go outside and enjoy parks and courtyards. They can walk through the “town” on their own but have a member of staff to help them with self-care and housework. Assisted living, Provo facilities also offer restaurant-style dining and activities reminiscent of a holiday camp.

With so much on offer, seniors prefer will surely prefer these alternatives to staying at home or the hospital.


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