Arranging an Accessible Winter Getaway for Loved Ones with Limited Mobility

Family on a winter vacation

Family on a winter vacationWinter vacations are a chance to make the most of the snow, ice, and cold weather. It can also be an escape from hectic work schedules. Traveling in winter, therefore, promises to be a lot of fun.

On the other hand, it can be challenging for your loved ones with limited mobility; those who use a wheelchair or walker may worry about bringing the mood down because of their condition. Fortunately, accessible tourism has improved significantly over the years. You’ll have your pick of mobility-friendly winter holiday destinations both in the US and abroad.

Prepping Mobility Aids for Winter

Getting through the snow in a wheelchair is possible. All you need to do is take the necessary precautions. 1800wheelchair stresses, for instance, that the correct equipment and accessories help ensure the safety of the user. A large, heavy-duty, and all-terrain wheelchair is an excellent investment for loved ones with mobility issues and a sense of wanderlust.

The cold weather can drain the batteries of power wheelchairs and scooters faster. If your loved one uses a power wheelchair or motor scooter, have an extra battery or two on hand. You can also add reflectors to your relative’s mobility aid. This will help them stay visible even in the season’s low light and snowy surroundings without having to rely on the battery for energy.

Remember to have your loved one’s wheelchair or mobility scooter properly serviced before any trip. Having it in the best condition improves ease and safety when traveling.

Traveling with Limited Mobility

Man on his airplane seatBook direct flights whenever possible. Getting on and off connecting flights is not only time-consuming; is it also tiring, especially when your relative has mobility issues. Direct flights may be more expensive, but it is money well-spent.

Try to book an aisle seat near the front of the plane for family members with limited mobility. These seats offer more space and are more accessible.

Airlines and airports are increasingly accommodating towards people with limited mobility. For instance, airport mobility assistance is free of charge. You also don’t have to pay any additional fees for bringing mobility aids. You just need to inform the airline beforehand for a smoother process.

Winter Wonderland Destinations

Many cities and tourist attractions are becoming more mobility-friendly. You can have your pick of holiday destinations not just in the US but even abroad.

Experience the winter wonderland of Colorado through the highly accessible city of Denver. Its Metro system is completely wheelchair-accessible while its paratransit system provides unlimited rides and operates nearly all day, all week.

Activities your loved ones with mobility issues may enjoy include lessons on adaptive alpine skiing and snowshoeing (offered at the National Sports Center for the Disabled) and touring the Continental Divide.

Vancouver, Canada is another great winter holiday destination. Like Denver, it has wheelchair accessible public transportation. It also has a door-to-door accessible travel service.

You and your family can shop at the Vancouver Christmas Market or visit the Festival of Lights and Enchanted Nights. If you’re looking for livelier activities, the Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports has snowboarding and skiing programs for people with mobility issues.

Limited mobility is no reason for a loved one to feel left out of your winter vacation plans. Mobility aids and the growth of accessible tourism puts winter travels within reach for anyone.


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