The Many Benefits of Injury Massage That You Should Know

woman having a therapy massage

Most of the time, people get a massage therapy either to feel relaxed and rejuvenated or to address pain in certain parts of the body. However, massages can actually do more to your health than what you might expect.

For one, massage plays an essential role in injury treatment and rehabilitation. By pumping more oxygen and nutrients to the body, massage helps in making injured muscles become more flexible and at the same time, heal faster. Whether you have twisted knee or a sprained ankle, you will definitely benefit from an injury massage therapy.

Before you get an injury massage in Salt Lake City from one of the experts at Jenna Baker LMT, know first the health benefits that you stand to gain from having this type of massage therapy.

Increases blood circulation

An injury massage therapy can promote better blood circulation and increased blood flow through the body. It can also help improve the lymph fluid flow. This is especially beneficial for people who experienced damaged muscle tissues due to an injury, particularly from sports-related activities.

Boosts recovery time

a woman undergoing injury recovery

Another main benefit that injury massage can offer is a faster recovery time. The effective boost of blood and lymph fluid flow can help with the body’s natural healing process. Also, it helps reduce the inflammation and swelling caused by injuries in relation to strenuous physical activities.

Gives better tissue permeability

Therapeutic massage also helps the muscles to open up, allowing nutrients and other fluids to pass through. It also helps eliminate the waste products from the body, such as lactic acid, by assisting in the proper drainage of the lymphatic system. Injury massages encourage the muscles to take up more nutrients and oxygen, which can help your body to heal and recover much faster.

Improves muscle elasticity

Poor flexibility can cause muscles to be more prone to damage. Getting an injury massage therapy can help promote muscle elasticity, which helps stretch the fibers found in your muscles. Doing so releases tension and pressure build-up as well as eliminate stiffness and soreness. This can effectively reduce the risk of any injury when you engage in any physical activity.

Breaks down scar tissues

By breaking down scar tissues, injury massages improve lymphatic drainage and circulation. In turn, you get to experience an improved range of flexibility and motion. Scar tissues are the result of injuries or trauma.

These are just a few of the things that injury massage can provide you. It is best to ask for help from a licensed massage therapist who can provide you with the assistance that you need especially when it comes to injury massage. You might want to choose a therapist near your area so that you can get in touch with them easily.

Whether you are training for a marathon, undergoing weight training, or taking yoga, you will benefit more from your exercises if you stay free from injuries, or at least, if you recover faster from your injuries.


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