At What Age Should Children Visit The Dentist In Richmond?

a kid at the dentist

The NHS encourages parents to take their children to the dentist as soon as their milk teeth appear. Early dental visits are important not only for hygiene and oral care, but also because they allow children to familiarise themselves with the dentist and prepare themselves for a lifetime of great oral care.

Visiting the dentist is a new experience for children and fear or concern may be their first reactions. Parents should be positive about visiting the dentist in Richmond and make the experience as fun and instructive as possible. Dentists, such as Sheen Dental, enjoy treating toddlers and children and will do their best to encourage children to look forward to future visits.

Why should children see the dentist in Richmond so early?

Some people may argue that baby teeth are temporary, therefore visiting the dentist from an early age is a waste of time. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Studies have demonstrated that children with decayed and prematurely missing baby teeth experienced more teeth straightening problems than children with healthy teeth and gums. This is because their adult teeth are sitting beneath their baby teeth and can be damaged by any dental disease that is ongoing.

Early dental visits are beneficial because they allow dentists to diagnose and treat dental issues as soon as possible, establishing a healthy mouth early on. This is also a good time for children to learn about diet and nutrition from their dentist. Parents can benefits from these sessions as much as their children by learning how to properly care for their children’s teeth and gums.

Calming a child before a dental appointment

Toddlers are often curious rather than anxious about being in the dentist’s chair. However, parents can prepare their children by giving them a sneak preview of what’s to follow. This can be achieved either by taking them along for their next dental check-up or teaching them about dental health and dental visits at home through pictures, educational videos and games. Role-playing where children get to be the patients and parents the dentist or vice versa is another great way to introduce children to the dentist.



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