How Root Canal Treatment Can Save a Damaged Tooth

Woman having her teeth checked

If a tooth is badly damaged or infected, the patient may be concerned that the only answer is to extract it, but sometimes a tooth can be saved using root canal treatment. Anyone who has the symptoms of a severely damaged tooth should talk to their dentist in Mackay about the possibility of root canal treatment.

Any dentist in Mackay should be able to perform a root canal. Practices such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston GP SuperClinic, Queensland, have a lot of experience in these procedures and will be able to perform the treatment with minimum discomfort to the patient.

What is a root canal?

The procedure involved in a root canal is not dissimilar to a standard filling. The dentist will remove the damaged part of the tooth, and will clean and disinfect it. They will then fill the tooth to seal it and prevent pain and further damage.

Symptoms of a badly damaged or infected tooth

There are a number of symptoms that present when a tooth is badly damaged and requires root canal treatment. The tooth will probably ache and be sensitive, and may feel tender when chewing. The tooth may have been filled previously. Anyone who has these symptoms should visit a dentist in Mackay.

Dental issues that require root canal treatment

A root canal procedure may be used to treat a number of dental problems. Often it is used to treat a very deep cavity. This may be caused by decay that has been left untreated for some time. Trauma to the tooth may also require root canal treatment to save the tooth. Severe gum disease can sometimes lead to problems that require root canal treatment. If any of these problems are discovered during a check-up with a dentist in Mackay, the dentist will talk the patient through the options.

There is no need to fear root canal treatment

Some people fear that a root canal will be painful, but if performed by a good dentist in Mackay that should not be the case. Before the procedure is performed, the tooth will be numbed with anaesthetic, so the treatment should not cause any more discomfort than a standard filling.


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