Basic Tips on Taking Care for Your Child’s Oral Health

Kid looking at the dentist

Kid looking at the dentistDental care is crucial for everyone in the world today, including kids. Nothing is as uncomfortable as being next to a child who is suffering the embarrassment of foul breath. It gets worse if the child has to endure the ordeal of a toothache that gets on them while they are enjoying their favorite meal.

Good thing these simple tips can help you in taking care of your child’s dental health:

Brushing Must be Done at Least Twice a Day

Teeth brushing is the basic and simplest way of watching over your kid’s oral health. You can help your kids brush by educating them on how important it is. Bacteria form a film over the teeth and may result in a coat of plaque covering the teeth if they do not brush.

– Insist on brushing at least twice a day. This should be right before they go to bed and one more time during the day. Supervise them while brushing to ensure that they brush all teeth properly for at least two minutes.

– Although there are different health-based recommendations, fluoride toothpaste is better at helping harden the enamel and protecting the teeth from decay. If your kids are experiencing any problem with fluoride toothpaste, a children’s dentist in South Jordan  will help you find a better option.

A Healthy Diet is Crucial for Strong Teeth

Water poured to a glassWhat your child eats has a lot to do with their teeth’s health. While strong teeth are a vital sign of a great diet, weak teeth might mean the opposite.

– Give them enough water. This will help in preserving the health of their gums and teeth.

– Reduce the amount of acidic food your child consumes. Acid breaks down the teeth enamel. Acidic food might increase the risk of teeth decaying and bacteria might get into the enamel. Regulating the amount of acidic food your child eats will help keep the teeth healthy.

– Dairy products are also important. Most dairy products such as milk have a high level of calcium, which is an important factor to help strengthen their teeth.

Floss Your Child’s Teeth Regularly

If done at least once a day, flossing helps get rid of the food particles and plaque that sticks in between teeth. If allowed to stick for long between teeth, plaque will harden into tartar, which can only be removed by a dentist. Flossing is simple and can be done in the following steps:

– Wind a piece of floss, preferably around 18 inches in length, on the middle fingers of your both hands.

– Leave an inch between the two fingers and start by flossing the upper teeth first then the lower.

Your kid’s oral health is important and should be well managed right from the start. Always ensure that you have control over the sugary stuff that they are consuming. It is also important to inspect their teeth regularly to make sure they stay clean and problems are detected right away. Work with an experienced pediatric dentist who can help you monitor your child’s dental health.


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