Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment: What Results Do You Want?

Man checking hair line

There are currently several options for the treatment of hair loss. Most of the available solutions, unfortunately, are unreliable or ridiculously expensive that they will only likely add to your frustration. Others, meanwhile, might be cheap upfront but come with high maintenance expenses.

The good thing is there is the so-called scalp micropigmentation (SMP), which is the best modern solution for people grappling with hair loss. SMP is an advanced cosmetic full micropigmentation technique for Las Vegas clients and those beyond these borders. The method, unlike traditional tattooing, uses highly specialized processes and equipment for the injection of pigments into your scalp. When the pigment is injected into the affected scalp area, it gives the illusion of natural hair.

Here are some of the result options you have for your SMP treatment.

Widowed Peak and Soft Hairline

This is meant for those who want to replenish the places where their hairline has receded or to generate an appearance of full hair and clean hairlines. It is also the ideal choice for those who want to lower their existing hairline.

In a widowed peak and soft hairline, the therapist follows your natural hairline through layering the impressions. This creates a realistic hair appearance with no hard lines. The pigment used for SMP is matched to your natural hair color to create a natural look.

Added Thickness to Thinning Out Hair

Thinning hair results in broad undesirable scalp areas showing through your hair. SMP for people suffering from thinning out hair aims to replace the lost hair density and create the impression of a full and even head of hair. In this treatment, the pigment is injected into the front hairline and allowed to blur into density to generate a natural look.

There is also a variation of the SMP treatment for thinned out hair, which creates a 3D effect with a natural shadow. This technique is generally used for people who have undergone hair transplantation but did not get their desired hair density.

The Permanent Edge Up

Top view man's head before and after
This is the most popular SMP result for men. The treatment starts with careful preparation of your side temple and hairline areas. The pigment color and density are carefully matched to your existing hair. The permanent edge up results in a sharp hairline and an illusion of a full head of hair. These work together to create a youthful edge-up.

Covered Hair Transplant Scars

Hair transplant clients are generally left with various scars, which make it evident that they have undergone the procedure. SMP can help you cover the scars and create an illusion of a full head of hair and add density to thin hair. The technique can hide FUT, FUE, scalp reduction, Cobblestone, and Historic Plug scars.

Depending on your pre-treatment condition, you will need two or three sessions to get the above results. The treatment sessions are spaced 40-50 days apart, and one session takes 2-5 hours. To keep your SMP results looking optimal, maintenance is essential. You will need to retouch the pigment used after about 8-12 months. The retouching and initial costs of SMP treatment are very low, and the treatment uses a very fine needle, making it virtually painless.


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