Braces in Leybourne Aren’t Just for Teenagers

Dentist expert in teeth straightening

Dentist expert in teeth straighteningTime was, teeth straightening was associated with adolescence. Many a 1980s and 90s teenager had to suffer the indignity of conspicuous metal train tracks strewn across their teeth and taunts of ‘brace face’ at school.

As dental technology has advanced in the last 20-30 years, braces have become more lightweight, more discreet and in some cases, invisible. Parents are also advised to bring their child to have a consultation for braces in Leybourne, at local dentists such as One Smile Oral Care, much earlier than used to be the case. Seven is now the recommended age for a first braces appointment, even before all the adult teeth have come through.

This is because it is now possible for the braces dentists to see whether adult teeth will come through crooked or crowded, and guide them into place as they descend with early braces in Leybourne. This means that the treatment may be over before the child reaches the awkward teenage years, leaving them a lifetime of happy smiles, without the social embarrassment.

If a teenager does need to wear braces in Leybourne, there are options available to make the whole experience more bearable. Invisalign Teen is a braces system that uses clear, removable aligners, like thin mouth guards. It takes a bit of discipline for the treatment to work but having braces that can’t be seen makes it worth it.

Because Invisalign aligners are removable, they are taken out for eating and cleaning. This is great because it means that they are easy to maintain: no hours spent cleaning bits of stray food out of metal wires. However, it does mean that the wearer needs to be vigilant enough to take them out when eating or drinking anything other than plain water, clean their teeth and the aligners, then pop them back in, every time, for the 12-18 months it takes for the treatment to complete.

Invisalign is also only suitable for certain issues. Complex and serious misalignments of the jaw are still best resolved with fixed metal braces. However, it is now possible to customise them with coloured elastics for the image-conscious teen. If you have to wear metal, why not make it fun?


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