Brightening Your Child’s Smile: Teaching Good Dental Health Practices Early

Children smiling

children smilingA child’s smile can brighten up any day. While perfectly aligned teeth may be a matter of genetics, any parent should know the basics of oral hygiene for their kids. Taking care of your child’s teeth early on means good oral hygiene that they can practice for the rest of their life.

This would also mean savings on major procedures. What are the basics of caring for your child’s teeth?

Have a professional help you

Visit the dentist regularly. Every six months is ideal. Choose your dentist carefully. Make sure that the kids’ dentist in Millcreek knows how to deal with his younger patients. Go to a dentist that your child wants.

Moreover, treat your kids to a nice place or give them small prizes for a brave visit to the dentist.

Make it fun for them

Let your child choose a colorful character toothbrush that they like. This would make them more excited to brush their teeth.

Never let your child teeth that brushing their teeth is a punishment. If they have been lenient in brushing, try different techniques, such as creating a game or brushing your teeth together.

Another thing you could do is to play music or sing a song that lasts for 2 minutes or more. This ensures that they brush longer.

Teach proper brushing

Encourage your kids to brush not just the front teeth but even the insides. Let them run the brush on their tongue as well. Aside from brushing, gargling is also a way to take out food particles.

Introduce helpful hacks

Remind your children that if they do not have access to a toothbrush immediately, they could go the bathroom of a restaurant to gargle to ensure that they get rid of extra food that may develop into cavities later on.

A child will learn to take care of their teeth when they see the benefits of doing so. Praise them for their efforts. They will thank you when they grow older.


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