Five Essential Hygiene Habits

Couple brushing teethOur bodies need more care and maintenance as we age. Sometimes we forget to follow proper hygiene, making us feel sticky, smelly, and dirty. Personal hygiene affects our self-esteem and confidence, and should thus be taken care of.

Below are five hygiene habits you should follow daily:

Clean your Mouth

You eat different kinds of things throughout the day. All these have certain effects on your mouth and can lead to bad breath and stained teeth. Make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal and floss daily. The dentists at say that you should have your teeth checked up regularly.

Wash your Hair

You are more prone to dandruff out in the sun. Having dandruff may lead to worse problems such as head lice. To prevent this from happening, use the best shampoo for your hair. Brushing also helps remove excess dirt. If unmanageable, you might want to cut your hair.

Use Deodorant

This is where most of your body odor comes from since this is where your body sweats the most. Using deodorant and washing daily can help maintain a clean smell. Shaving or waxing also helps as well.

Keep your Hands Clean

Your hands can be the dirtiest parts of your body since it touches all sorts of things. You use them to interact with other people and the environment. Therefore, you must make an effort to keep them clean. Bring hand sanitizer with you wherever you go so you can clean them any time. Nails can also be prone to dirt so routinely cut your nails short.

Clean your Private Parts

Make sure to keep the most private parts of your body clean. Regular washing and daily changing of underwear is the best way to ensure cleanliness.

Bad hygiene can lead to many problems if left unchecked. Make sure that does not happen by keeping yourself clean.


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