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Dentists are skilled in keeping the teeth and gums in good condition, but as many people know, the health of the teeth is not an entirely separate issue to the aesthetics of the teeth. Lots of people strive for straight, white teeth because this is how the teeth and gums look when they are at their optimum health. As well as providing the means to repair teeth, many dentists offer treatment such as veneers in Sydney CBD to subtly improve the look of the teeth and take people one step closer to that Hollywood smile.

Veneers in Sydney CBD are available at many dentists who provide cosmetic dental treatments, such as Spa Dental Sydney CBD.

Why Go for Veneers in Sydney CBD?

Veneers often appeal to people who have just one or two misbehaving teeth. They may stand out by being a different colour to the rest of the teeth, slightly misshapen, rotated or chipped. Veneers can cover up the appearance of stains from years of drinking red wine or coffee, helping the teeth look new again and consequently provide more youthful looking smiles. Veneers can make teeth appear longer and can disguise chips or misshapen edges. They can even be used to cover over slight gaps between the teeth. Every veneer can be custom-made to the requirements of the individual patient.

What Does The Process of Getting Veneers Involve?

Veneers are thin sheaths made of a porcelain material, which can be customised to the size, shape and colour that best complements a patient’s smile. Prior to fitting the veneers, the dentist will remove a thin layer of the outer enamel of the teeth to be treated. This creates a slightly roughened surface on which to attach the veneers with a dental adhesive. The dentist will then ensure the veneers fit flush with the surrounding teeth for a natural finish.


The dentist will advise patients who have received treatment with veneers on how to take care of their teeth and good dental hygiene practices. With diligent care at home and regular dental check-ups, veneers can last for 10 years or more.


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