Invisalign in Luton: the Facts

woman wearing braces

Some adults dream of straight teeth but are put off because they do not want to be seen wearing unsightly, visible, metal wires and bands for months. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Advances in dentistry in recent years means it is even easier to get a better-looking smile through the use of clear braces such as Invisalign In Luton. Vogue Dental Care is one local practice that can offer the latest techniques and systems to help align and straighten teeth, and ultimately improve smiles, restore confidence and improve function.

A wide number of treatment options and devices are available from a braces dentist. The exact choice of system depends on a number of factors including individual patient clinical needs and personal circumstances.

Wearing a dental brace need not be the long, complex and uncomfortable process that many people may remember from friends or family decades ago.

Invisalign and other virtually invisible braces straighten teeth discreetly. The treatment time can be as short as 12 months, depending on the individual circumstances. More comfortable than traditional braces because they don’t use brackets and wires, clear aligners such as Invisalign are a popular choice.

As part of the consultation and treatment planning process, the dentist uses a computer to plot the movement of teeth as they straighten, meaning all the aligners required as treatment progresses are made at the same time, reducing the number of surgery visits.

Regular and vigilant oral hygiene must be followed to maintain a healthy mouth, whether wearing braces or not. With some types of brace, such as Invisalign, the device can be removed to eat, which means that certain sticky or hard types of food need not be avoided.

There are many benefits of using brace systems such as Invisalign in Luton. Straighter teeth are healthier because they are easier to keep clean. Having aligned teeth will improve smiles, bringing a positive effect on confidence.

A long-term investment in oral health can be made using invisible braces such as Invisalign. In Luton, patients are invited to contact an Invisalign dentist in the area and find out more about how they can straighten their teeth, improve their smile and overall well-being.


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