Clear Braces in Clapham

wearing clear braces

In recent years dental technology has taken some major leaps forward, this has allowed dentists to offer their patients more options than ever before. One area where new options have become available is braces, now there are less intrusive options that are also less visible to others.

Clapham South Dental Centre is one of the practices in London taking advantage of these new technologies, allowing them to offer clear braces  area.

What are clear braces?

Clear braces are exactly what the name suggests, making them virtually invisible to the human eye. There are two types, fixed and removable, both offering different benefits to the patient using them for the alignment of teeth.

Clear brackets and wire braces are fitted so that they are mounted onto the teeth, allowing them to remain in place throughout treatment. Removable braces are aligners that are crafted to meet the individual patient, they are designed to be easily placed over the teeth by the patient themselves.

Where the more traditional braces are designed to pull the teeth into the desired positioning, the new breed of clear bracing technology is designed to push the teeth into place by creating pressure points within the aligner being used.

Who would need braces?

close up of an Invisalign

Braces are for patients with tooth alignment issues, these issues are more common than most people are aware of in the United Kingdom. The range of problems caused by misaligned or crooked teeth includes bad breath, gum disease and an increased likelihood of tooth damage.

Many people with misaligned teeth may also experience problems with their bite, making it harder to eat food due to a lack of pressure between the upper and lower jaw when trying to chew.

In severe cases of misaligned teeth, patients may experience problems speaking correctly, this can lead to the development of self-esteem issues.

Before you use braces

It is important to be correctly prepared before you start wearing braces, you will need to consult your dentist or orthodontist about the steps you may want to take before going ahead with the use of braces.

Braces can lead to an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease, for this reason, any patient must be practising a high standard of oral care before use. The patient must be encouraged to increase their oral hygiene standard via brushing and flossing to decrease any negative effects of using braces.

How long will you need to wear your braces

When it comes to knowing how long you must wear your braces, it is best to consult your dentist about this as the length of time changes depending on the individual case and the type of device being used. Other factors used for determining a timescale include the complexity of the case and the desired results.

The typical length of time recommended when using braces is between 6 and 12 months, depending on the patient’s needs.

Next Step

If you feel you need braces you should consult your dentist or orthodontist, they will be able to take you through your options so you can make an informed decision.


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