Why should a person straighten their teeth?

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There are many reasons why a person considers straightening their teeth, sometimes it feels like it is no option, as severe misalignments are picked up early in an individual’s youth and they are given braces as a young adult so that they can enjoy an improvement in their quality of life.

Severely misaligned teeth or jaw means that a person may not be able to speak or eat properly. They can have lasting issues with pain in their jaw or even suffer from headaches.

This can also occur in less than severe cases of misalignments and may not be present until later in life. It wasn’t uncommon some decades ago for braces Northern Ireland to be something of a luxury, even if they were not viewed to be by the young adult who felt they were burdened with them.

As such, people with only mild or moderate issues with their teeth, or even purely cosmetic concerns found that they missed out on having their teeth straightened and in their adult life, now suffer with issues of self esteem or even ailing health because of their condition.

Many adults are now looking to straighten their teeth these days and thankfully there is a large number of different treatment options that are available.

From removable devices to fixed devices that need only 6 months to complete, patients are able to choose from many different options that are designed to suit their specific needs, both physically and emotionally, so that they are able to enjoy their journey towards a lasting, healthier smile.

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How can teeth be straightening in only 6 months?

Generally, it takes upwards of a year, sometimes two or three years to straighten teeth, but with an innovative technique, dentists are able to ensure that their patient’s teeth are straightened within 6 months.

This is with the use of wires that have a kind of muscle memory, meaning that they gradually move back to their original, straight position after being applied to the brackets that are attached to an individual’s teeth.

In wearing traditional braces, a dentist will need to move the wires every so often, but with this more gradual technique, there is less need for these kinds of dental appointments making them much more appealing for working professionals who have less time to attend regular consultations with their dentist.

Other benefits include the fact that they are very discrete as they both the brackets and the wires are tooth coloured.

This treatment plan is available to many however not everyone will find that they are viable for this kind of procedure. Sometimes it can be performed in conjunction with another kind of teeth straightening treatment or perhaps can be used on the upper arch or lower arch only.

By speaking with a dentist, patients are able to determine whether this treatment will be suitable for them and they can both talk about what some of the expected results can be. This can prepare them for the path ahead with a healthier and straighter smile.


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