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When it comes to teeth, it can be tricky to know what to do; should you seek emergency treatment if you spot a crack on one of your front teeth, or leave it until your next routine dental check-up?

Of course, a key reason why many patients seek same-day dental care is because of sudden swelling or discomfort, but for lesser conditions, it can be tricky to know when to book an emergency appointment and what you can expect from said consultation.

Are emergency dental teams like regular dentists?

Curious to learn more about emergency dental teams, what they do and why you may need them? Here, 5 common FAQs about these professionals are answered, so enjoy!

Why would I need same-day treatment?

There are numerous reasons to seek same-day dental treatments from an emergency dentist in Southgate.

A common one is discomfort, that may be caused by an abscess or an impacted tooth. Other reasons vary from needing to have lost restoratives replaced (such as fillings). Also, if you notice a sudden swelling in the oral area or you have recurring ulcers, this can also warrant an emergency appointment. Of course, if you aren’t sure if you need to seek a same-day appointment, contact your dental team for more information and they will be able to advise you on the urgency of your condition.

What will happen at the appointment?

It is the purpose of the emergency dental team to get you out of pain and to provide urgent treatment.

This may involve replacing a filling, performing an extraction or fixing a chip or crack. You will usually have to have a thorough assessment and potentially an X-Ray; if this is too uncomfortable, your team will provide you with a numbing injection.

Treatment will be provided and you may be prescribed a course of antibiotics in cases where an infection is spotted.

Will I need to see my regular dental team afterwards?

This may be needed, especially if you have recently suffered from a dental abscess.

In this instance, you will probably need to see your regular dental practitioner for them to conduct a root canal to prevent the abscess from recurring. But in other cases, like cracked teeth and lost fillings, there will usually be no need for a follow-up appointment to occur.

Are emergency dental teams open 24 hours a day?

This will depend on where you live; many emergency teams are accessible 24 hours a day but you may need to conduct a local internet search to find one nearest to you.

How do I prevent dental emergencies?

Sometimes, in cases of lost fillings and crowns, it can be tricky to avoid dental emergencies, so when they fall out or become loose, you need to see treatment.

But, in relation to emergencies that surround things like abscesses, you can usually avoid these with good oral hygiene, regular dental visits and of course, reducing sugar intake. Talk to your dentist about top tips to avoid dental emergencies.


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