Dermal Fillers: What You Need To Know


If you are concerned about the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you may be considering a facial aesthetic treatment like dermal fillers in W1. What you may not be aware of is that many dental practices now offer such treatments because dentists are highly experienced in carrying out delicate procedures such as this, and they are experts in facial anatomy. W1 dermal fillers can have many benefits and the results should be a more youthful and fresh-faced appearance, which is why many people are now opting for them.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers consist of an injectable gel that is synthetically made from non-animal sources. They are made to mimic hyaluronic acid which is produced naturally by the body and is what gives the skin its elasticity. The hyaluronic gel that is injected acts in the same way as hyaluronic acid; it plumps up the areas where the hyaluronic acid has depleted from the body’s natural stores. The result is a more fresh faced and youthful appearance.

What happens during treatment?

If you choose to have dermal fillers, you will first receive a local anaesthetic to ensure that you do not experience any discomfort whilst your face is injected with the hyaluronic gels. The great thing about the treatment is that it is very quick and can take just a few minutes to be administered. The results of treatment can also normally be seen instantaneously, which can be a very exciting prospect for patients who are keen to revisit their youthful glow! Youngsters are impatient, so why shouldn’t you be?! The results will last for between 6 to 12 months, after which time you will then need to have further treatment to maintain the results.

Are there any risks involved?

putting anesthesia

As with all treatments, there may be side effects. With hyaluronic gels, there could be some redness or swelling where you have been injected. There could also be some bruising around the area that has been treated. There could also be some small bumps under the skin, but this should improve over time after the treatment has finished. Taking the time to research and ensure that the practitioner you have chosen is well-qualified is an important and necessary process. Dental practices often have highly experienced staff in this field and dermal fillers should be quite safe with them.

What else do you need to know?

Dermal fillers may also be used for lip enhancement. The treatment is dependent upon the difficulty involved in the area being treated, as well as how many needles are required.

Booking in for a consultation to see if this is the right treatment for you can be a wise move. Talking to your dentist about the possibility of a cosmetic procedure can be fruitful if they offer this as they are experts in facial anatomy and will be able to discuss all of the options available to you. Sometimes other factors may also play a part in the appearance of your face, such as missing teeth, and they can arrange for a treatment plan to cover all bases and help you to look fresh!


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