Dental Emergencies

Dentists looking an x-ray of teeth

Dentists looking an x-ray of teethIf a dental emergency occurs, it is important to get an emergency dental appointment in Mackay as soon as possible. By seeing a dentist immediately, there is much more chance of getting pain relief and fixing the problem.

For anyone with a sudden dental problem, the first thing to do is to call for an emergency dental appointment in Mackay. Several dental clinics in the area offer emergency treatment, such as Walkerston Dental in Walkerston.

Reasons to Get an Emergency Dental Appointment in Mackay

Toothache may require emergency treatment, but it is a good idea to first make sure there is no food lodged between the teeth by rinsing and flossing. Toothache should never be ignored, as it is likely to be indicative of an underlying problem.

If a tooth is cracked or knocked out, it is essential to arrange an emergency dental appointment in Mackay immediately. With careful treatment, a lost tooth may even be able to be saved. If the tooth is undamaged, it should be cleaned (ideally using milk) and carefully held in place in the socket until a dentist can be seen. A tooth should always be held by the crown (the part that can be seen in the mouth). Touching the root of the tooth should be avoided. If a tooth is cracked, urgent treatment may prevent it needing to be removed.

Swelling and abscesses can be very uncomfortable, and also potentially dangerous. They are usually caused by an infection and will require antibiotics. In the case of abscesses, there is generally an underlying cause that will require treatment for it to heal.

Jaw pain should be checked out by a dentist, to find out what is causing it. Pain should never be ignored, as it may be an indicator of something serious that could fixed with prompt treatment.

Making an Emergency Dental Appointment in Mackay

For anyone who has a regular dentist, they should be the first stop in an emergency. Not all dentists offer emergency treatment, so it may be necessary to find an alternative. When making an emergency dental appointment in Mackay, the problem should be described so the practice staff can assess the nature of the emergency and offer advice where required.


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