How good dental health keeps you healthy and happy

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Most are quite aware of the fact that not brushing and flossing teeth will give rise to cavities, gum disease and tooth decay and there also those who appreciate the equally important role played by a dentist Sydney CBD in maintaining good oral health. Yet there is not enough understanding of the link between good dental health and a happy and healthy you.

Yes, the commonly associated purpose of the mouth is to feed the body so that it functions properly but there are plenty of other ways the mouth keeps the overall body (physical and mental) healthy too.

The inextricable link between mouth and body

Do we take care of our mouths as we should, i.e. as dentists recommend? A report released by the Australian Dental Association reveals that only 1 in 2 adults in Australia observe the recommended daily ritual of brushing twice a day and that 1 in 2 again consume a diet much too high in sugar, another no-no.

There may be many reasons why people take a lackadaisical approach to the health of their teeth and gums. Without the proper understanding of just how critically dependent the physical and emotional bodies are on good oral health, taking care of mouth hygiene will not become the top priority it needs to be.

Good dental health relates to:

Feeding the body the nutrients it needs. For a person to eat without pain or discomfort, they need to have a full set of teeth and healthy gums. Gaps in teeth, decaying teeth and sensitive gums may present challenges that force an individual to avoid certain foods and beverages, and in this way, risk their nutritional needs.

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Avoid aggravating certain medical conditions. One of the adverse consequences of gum disease is that plaque and bad bacteria in the mouth can make their way into the bloodstream. This is a danger to vital life-giving organs such as the heart where plaque landing up in the bloodstream can begin to clog the arteries, aggravating the condition of those with coronary heart problems.

Confidence. It is a challenge to quantify loss of confidence but the importance of it can be understood in the following examples. Good healthy teeth and gums aids confidence by the ability to smile perfectly aligned bright smiles (when teeth are straight and framed by healthy looking gums). Individuals who show such confidence are more likely to make friends and go out more. A confident smile is also likely to earn one approval from others, opening the doors to better job opportunities. It is through these ways that good dental health and confidence can keep the mental and psychosocial bodies happy.

The road to improved dental health begins with the first step of a proper dental check-up. At this appointment it is important to discuss any lifestyle risks that aggravate poor oral health like smoking, alcohol use and stress.

For more information on recommended techniques to maintain oral health or interest in any dental treatment, get in touch with Spa Dental Sydney CBD.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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