Are you clued up on how dental implants in Nottingham could benefit your smile?

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A reason to smile

The past year has been one of much uncertainty and stress for many. With our lives being turned upside down by external focus beyond our control, countless people across the county have been unable to seek out restorative dental treatments such as dental implants.

Living with missing teeth can cause several problems for patient’s – both within a social context and in regard to their oral health. However, as things gradually return to normal, anyone who has put off seeking out dental implants should take action and speak to a professional about a consultation.

Dental implants have a massively positive impact on both how a patient looks, and how they feel about themselves and their smiles. Unlike purely cosmetic treatments for lost teeth, dental implants solve the problem on a permanent basis – and therefore have life changing potential like few other dental treatments do.

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What actually are dental implants?

Although having been used as a restorative treatment the globe for a number of years, many people are still unaware of exactly what dental implants are – and how they could help them.

Common treatments for lost teeth – like dentures or crowns – work primarily through relying on the surrounding teeth for support, and cover the gap within the patient’s mouth by sitting on their gumline. Dental implants, on the other hand, are surgically embedded within the patient’s jawbone in a way which is almost identical to natural teeth.

This means that patients who seek out dental implant treatment can use them with the same amount of strength and confidence as they would a natural tooth.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

When people lose a tooth or teeth, there is often a temptation to opt for cheaper, more conventional dental treatments – such as bridges or crowns. However, few people realise the long-term health impacts that these sorts of treatments have. These can include:

  • Discomfort – Over time, treatments such as dentures or crowns have a tendency to shift out of place, which can cause irritation to patients. Similarly, dentures can also become displaced over time or rub the interior of a patient’s gums.
  • Embarrassment – Patients who wear dentures have to periodically remove them in order to clean them or eat certain foods. This can lead to some socially-awkward situations, which can be avoided by choosing dental implants – which are permanently fixed in place.

How can I get dental implants?

Having a space in your mouth is never easy, and can cause a great deal of problems both dentally and socially. Seeking out dental implants gives patients the ability to completely and permanently restore both the functionality and aesthetics of their smiles.

If you are interested in finding out your eligibility for implant treatment, the first step in the process is to speak to an expert. Making a consultation will allow dental professionals a chance to establish how much tratament you require, and whether you are a suitable candidate for implants.

Proving you are however, choosing dental implants may be the smartest decision you can make in regards to both your dental wellbeing and self-esteem. Implants have transformed thousands of smiles, and could work wonders for your – you just have to call and find out.


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