Interesting Facts about Dental Implants

Dentist explaining implant process

Dental implants are probably one of the biggest advances in dental technology in recent years, but not many people know much about them. Here are some interesting facts for anyone considering investing in dental implants in Melbourne.

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The amazing properties of titanium

Dental implants are small screws that effectively replace the root of a missing tooth, holding a crown, bridge or denture in place. The screw is made from titanium, which has the amazing property of being able to meld with bone. The titanium screw can actually encourage bone growth, preventing the jawbone from receding, which can happen over time after losing teeth.

Old teeth out, new teeth in, all in one day

Dental implants in Melbourne don’t need to take forever. With same-day teeth, failing teeth can be removed and implants fitted all in one day. The patient will go home with a temporary bridge, which will be used until the implants settle and meld with the jawbone, at which point a permanent bridge can be fitted.

A full arch of teeth can be supported on just 4 implants

With the All-on-4 technique, a full set of teeth can be supported by just 4 implants in each jaw. Using this method, dental implants in Melbourne can be suitable even for patients with bone loss in their jaw. Because it uses fewer implants, the All-on-4 technique can be cheaper than full implants, and take less time to heal.

Look and feel just like natural teeth

Dental implants in Melbourne are so well designed and made, that they look and feel just like natural teeth. Some people, particularly those with single tooth implants, say that they actually forget about the implant, it feels so natural.

They’ve been around for a long time

Although they are referred to as modern dental technology, the first dental implant was fitted in 1965. However, back in around 600 AD a Mayan woman had a piece of shell hammered into her jaw – the very first dental implant?


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