Dentures to Hold or not to Hold, That is the Question

denture model

Teeth are essential for good digestion.Chewing is the first step in breakingdown foodso that all the nutrients can be absorbed from the moment we swallow. When a tooth is compromised due to pain or injury, eating can become very difficult and food choices are automatically limited. So, when many teeth are lost permanently, eating what the body needs to stay healthy is very challenging.Dentures in Edinburghcan provide some benefits for the wearer; however, by themselves they do not replace the teeth fully and compromises will have to be made in food choices.

In Edinburgh, dentures can only replace the top part of teeth. What is missing is one of the most vital parts in function, the tooth root. Dentures are held in place by suction and although modern dentures will look and feel good initially, overtime they can become lose. Like soil when trees are removed, the gum starts to shrink, and jawbones erode. This means the denture will become lose and no longer provide the biting force to consume crunchy, chewy or harder foods. However, in Edinburgh, dentures fitted via dental surgeries such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists can be combined with a treatment that mimics the tooth root, thus providing perfect stability.

When dentures find roots

Dental implants are made from titanium that has a unique property, it allows bone and soft tissue to bond to it and grow around it, creating a completely stable base. Dentures can then be attached to the implants,ensuring they do not slip or move, meaning they function like natural teeth when eating.

Most people receive between 2-6 mini dental implants in both the lower and upper jawbones. These are implanted during minor surgery with a qualified dentist, under local anaesthetic.

After the surgery temporary dentures are fitted, the healing process begins and the implants slowly fuse with the jawbone. Meanwhile new dentures are carefully crafted to mimic the look of natural teeth following impressions and photos from the patient.

Patients then just need to return once more for the denture to be fixed onto the dental implants. Dentures in Edinburgh combined with dental implants really dooffer the best solution for missing teeth.


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