Braces give buck teeth the heave-ho

clear braces

While TV personalities and some jokes are built on ridiculing those with sticky out teeth. For those who don’t want to be the butt of every bad joke, braces can rectify buck teeth. Thankfully, celebrity culture has provided a positive effect for braces wearers by making braces a fashion trend and creating greater acceptance of fixed metal braces. However, metal braces make a statement and for those who long for a subtler approach, what is the solution? In North London, braces that are clear or almost invisible due to innovative design, offer great results with discretion.

Taming teeth with braces in North London

Changes in dental technology over the last 40 years have created some truly inspirational options in fixed and removable braces. They deliver on results while creating no compromise on image. Dentists such as Denchic Dental Spa in London, offer a range of styles of clear braces that work crooked, crowded or spaced out teeth, bringing alignment to the misaligned. Although often referred to as cosmetic braces, they are more than superficial, providing real solutions for problem teeth.

Clear brace options to suit the issue at hand

Inman aligners are a good option for straightening out front teeth. There’s no longer any reason to hide behind a hand or a closed lipped smile when these clear aligners can offer a quick solution, offering results in as little as 6 weeks. Thanks to the design of these aligners, they are completely removable, which offers the wearer the chance to take them out for special occasions.

Six Month Smiles is another option for misaligned, crooked teeth. These clever clear braces are fixed in place using wires and brackets that are tooth coloured and clear, respectively. This renders them almost invisible while also ensuring straightening success. And finally, Invisalign aligners offer a great solution for mild misalignment and overcrowding.

Modern dentistry has ensured that no one has to be the butt of anyone’s joke, not any more, not with braces in North London. Adults can confidently achieve the smile they’ve always wanted without fear of ridicule. The first step they need to take is to book a consultation with a braces’ dentist.


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