Don’t let missing teeth hold you back

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Hearing news from a dentist that your teeth are going to start falling out or that you need to start having them taken out to prevent further damage can be daunting. Concerns about smiling and eating may spring into your mind. You may be worried about how it could prematurely age you or prevent you from being able to pronounce certain words properly. Instead of letting your worries multiply, speak to your dentist about getting dental implants Bondi Junction to find out how you can start smiling again.

Tooth replacement that is customised to your individual needs

Many people know that if they lose all of their teeth, they can get some sort of dentures or replacement sorted, but what if they have lost just one tooth? What if they are missing teeth that are dotted sporadically around their mouth? A lot of people suffer in silence, trying to figure out a comfortable spot in their mouth to chew food and how to smile without revealing any missing teeth, but in reality, they could just take a trip to their dental practice and have a consultation appointment about restoring their missing teeth using oral implants.

Oral implants are capable of restoring full sets of missing teeth or even a single tooth anywhere in the mouth. This treatment enables people to have a customised treatment plan created in which their exact needs are met to fully restore their smile. What appliance you need will depend on how many teeth you want to restore; for example, a crown will be used to replace a single tooth, whilst dentures may be more suitable when an entire set or row of teeth are missing. If you have a few teeth missing next to each other, then it is likely that a bridge will be used. These also provide any remaining teeth with extra support if teeth are missing on either side.

A long-lasting treatment for a long-lasting smile


Amongst the wide variety of reasons as to why someone would want to have oral implants is the fact that it is going to last them for longer than a decade. However, your new teeth still need to be taken care of thoroughly if you wish for them to last that long, and your practitioner will go to great lengths to make sure that you know about this before leaving their practice. They will suggest products and brushes for you to use to keep your new teeth in good condition and show you how to clean all the different areas of your mouth.

It is important to brush your teeth twice a day as plaque can still build up and cause your new teeth to weaken. Whilst your practitioner will hope that your new teeth last you as long as possible, they will always be on hand to help rectify the situation as soon as possible if something does go wrong.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


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