Invisalign Wimbledon – cosmetically appealing whilst straightening the smile.

invisalign concept

Understanding what it is

Inconspicuous and comfortable aligners blend in with the natural smile. When seeking to perfect the smile, the last thing anyone wants is a large, ugly contraption on their face or in their mouth. No matter how good the end result may be, the thought of the treatment can be enough to put even the bravest person off, after all, a wonky smile can often be lived with. However, in recent years modern technology and knowledge have combined forces to create clear aligners allowing people to straighten their smiles without fear of the treatment or procedure.

Carrying out daily life whilst undergoing treatment may seem like an impossible dream but with these aligners, it is a reality. With removal being solely advised during times of consuming food and whilst cleaning the teeth, these comfortable aligners commit to pushing your teeth into a newly aligned position for approximately 22 hours a day. Comfort is therefore of the utmost importance which is why each aligner is custom-made.

Beginning the journey.

Discovering this particular orthodontic treatment may seem like the perfect solution for you, however, this may not be the case which is why a discussion with your dental team is, like many treatments, the first point of call. Once the idea of this treatment begins to take form, your dental team will arrange a consultation which will include an examination of the teeth, mouth and gums along with photographs, digital scans and in some cases x-rays. Although this may seem extensive, this thorough examination enables the dental team to understand the full extent of your suitability for the treatment. If it is the best way forward, a series of aligners will be created from the digital scans and x-rays taken.

wearing invisalign

Within approximately 2 weeks after the consultation, the aligners will be ready for collection. This means that another appointment will be booked so as to provide the patient with the retainers and advise on the process over the following weeks, including when to switch retainers and when to return for a check-up. This particular treatment relies around 90% on the patient’s dedication to straightening their teeth as the treatment is primarily carried out at home.

Teamwork is therefore essential in ensuring the process works to the best of its ability and keeps treatment time down to the minimum.

During the process your dental team will advise as and when to change over onto the next set of retainers. Throughout this process the teeth will be pushed into a new aligned position but once the process ends the new position needs to be maintained. Near the end of the treatment a new aligner will be created which is to be worn ongoing so as to help maintain the new, improved smile. This is of the utmost importance as teeth can shift back into their original positions which would undo all the hard work and is not something anyone wants.

Please be aware that all treatments and procedures written within this article have potential risks. It is therefore encouraged that patients seek further information and advice from their local dental teams on any mentioned within this article.


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