Global Beauty: Skin Treatments Around the World

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How far are you willing to go for healthy and beautiful skin?

These days, women have taken a global approach to their skincare. From the famous ten-step routine from Korea to the vampire facials from North America, several treatments help women get the skin they’ve always dreamed of.

But just because these skincare treatments originated somewhere else doesn’t mean you can experience them for yourself. Recently, more aesthetic clinics provide a wide selection of skin and beauty treatments from all over the globe.

Skincare Treatments to Try Out

Each country has its own set of beauty secrets. Most skincare treatments originate from a particular place’s cultural and social practices. Discover what these are and see how they can benefit you. Experience ancient beauty tips for yourself to find the treatments that will help you achieve your skin goals.

Australia — Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a technique that uses low-level wavelengths to treat different types of skin conditions. Infrared Light Therapy Brisbane specialises in this innovative skincare treatment. Utilising the power of infrared light, this treatment smoothens out wrinkles and lightens scars and other healed wounds. Some studies argue that red light therapy is effective in treating psoriasis and other serious skin conditions.

United Kingdom — Bee Sting Facial

Bee sting facials started over two decades ago in Britain. It has since become a staple for women who are looking for alternatives to Botox. Touted as an effective anti-aging treatment, it uses bee sting venom to increase circulation, stimulate collagen production, and improve elasticity.

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Chile – Snail Slime Cream

Snail slime is one of the most popular ingredients in skin serums. These days, you can find it in most women’s skincare routines. The mucus that snails secrete has a high concentration of antioxidants that improve cell growth. In addition to this, snail slime has been found to enhance wound healing and stimulate collagen production.

Japan – Nightingale Facial

A nightingale facial is an ancient skincare treatment that lists bird droppings as its main ingredient. Traditionally used in geisha makeup, nightingale droppings are considered to have natural exfoliating properties. These days, aestheticians mix this substance’s excrement with rice bran and water for skin treatments. This mixture is then lathered onto the skin to improve its moisture.

Thailand – Face-Slapping Massage

A face-slapping massage might seem unusual, but this is a conventional beauty treatment throughout Asia. The light but continuous slaps improve blood circulation and help muscles relax. Therapists who specialise in this treatment often focus on areas that have visible signs of aging. By improving blood flow in these areas, the skin’s natural elasticity is improved.

While these treatments might not be for everyone, there’s no harm in trying them out for yourself. If you’re unsure of which treatment to try, consider asking your aesthetician. As the person managing your skin, they know what you need based on past and existing issues. Additionally, they have the expertise to determine if the treatment you want to try is compatible with your skin type.


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