The Effect of a Healthy Smile to Your Appearance

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When it comes to our social interactions with colleagues and friends, our physical appearance will usually play a critical role in how decisions are made. Smiling has been a universal language that almost every human can understand. It can convey a wide range of emotions from happiness, laughter, and even sarcasm.

Other than being used for smiling and eating, our mouths are also used for speaking. Most business transactions are usually done first with a smile, followed by communication from both parties. Even though smiling might be a contagious trait that will help build bridges of friendship, not everyone will smile. Usually, that is because they’re not confident with the health of their teeth.

Since everybody wants to make an excellent first impression with a smile, it’s always a good idea to keep our teeth white and clean. So what are the different ways of maintaining our teeth?

Keeping Your Teeth in Pristine Conditio

Businesses have been established over the premise of keeping your teeth in pristine condition. Even though it’s an added cost to have healthier and cleaner teeth, it’s a good investment. Especially if you’re working in a business-oriented environment, and you have to face people every day.

Since maintaining a healthy smile is paramount in having a functional appearance, how do we maintain a healthy smile?

  • Brush your teeth twice a day. Usually, the sensitivity of gums will vary for each individual. While some will have gums that can resist hard bristles, other gums can handle only soft bristles.
  • With a piece of floss, clean any debris that is in between your teeth. This left-over debris could become tartar and plaque if not removed as soon as possible.
  • Drink water as often as possible. For most of the water supply in the United States, most will contain traces of fluoride, which is known for helping clean teeth.
  • Avoid habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. Usually, they cause stains and tooth decay. The chemicals and acidic nature of these things can stain teeth after months or years of use.

With the do-it-yourself mentality that’s prevalent these days, most people think that they can maintain their teeth without needing to go to the dentist. Since most of us have unique biology, our gums and teeth will react in different ways to dental modifications and diseases, so it’s always a good idea to have a professional consultation with a licensed dentist.

Maintaining Our Appearance

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In the urban jungle, maintaining our appearance and a proper level of decorum is the backbone in professional careers. Whether you’re serving food, selling someone a car, or teaching children at school, no one can deny a professional that smiles a lot will go far in life. However, maintaining our smile and a healthy set of teeth is easier said than done.

Additionally, as we grow older, it’s going to be a bit more challenging to maintain our teeth’s health, especially when the nerves of our teeth will become thinner. As such, it’s only a logical choice to always check with our local dental clinic.

Cleaning and keeping our teeth healthy is a cornerstone in maintaining our appearance. Every day, we brush our teeth after we eat, and we make regular visits to the dentist. The last thing that we want is people steering clear from us because of bad breath. Even though most of the population does practice the right dental hygiene, bad breath can be quite common, especially when there is a buildup of plaque around gums. Not only is plaque a symptom of gum disease, but this can also be unsightly.

There will be times that we will need to drink coffee or tea to keep us alert while we go through with our daily tasks. Although these beverages might give us the energy boost that we need, they can also stain our teeth. In some cases, liquids that are high in acidity while having a dark color, such as red wine, are sometimes the main culprits of stained teeth.

Most of these conditions can be prevented through regular cleaning services. No worries, there’s a lot of dental clinics with certified professionals that can keep your teeth clean and in good condition.

The overall health of your teeth will usually be determined by what you place in your mouth. The majority of your appearance and the first impression of people of yo will ultimately depend on how you smile. Coffee, alcoholic beverages, and even smoking can easily stain your teeth, so it’s best to refrain from these types of drinks and vices. While the regular maintenance of our teeth isn’t necessarily going to take hours off our day, it’s still an essential practice to go to a dentist for our regular dental check-up, and if needed, an operation.


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