Health Concerns You May Not Know Your Child Has


We all want the best for our children, whether it’s in achieving their dreams, giving them a happy life, and making sure they are always well. So, for any concerned parent, it may come as a shock that problems are cropping up in young kids’ health; they are more common now than ever. Thankfully, all of them have solutions.

Tooth problems

Even though kids of every generation have always been taught about the importance of good oral hygiene, today’s food and lifestyle habits are creating somewhat of a resurgence in issues for young children’s teeth. In Oviedo, FL alone, braces for kids have become a hot commodity because parents are encouraged to address the problems. At the same time, these are still easily treatable and not a significant issue that could progress in adulthood.

Braces have not only been used to correct the position of tooth growth but to help jaw alignment and target malocclusion. Malocclusion, which is the condition of having overcrowded lower teeth, affects up to 90% of children. While minor cases can be left alone for aging to help them be grown into, a lot of improvements can be made by getting a set of braces.

On top of that, tooth decay has become an even more present childhood problem, with one in five children having at least one untreated tooth that is decaying.

Chronic stress

stressed kid

It’s easy to think that childhood is meant to be blissful and that young kids don’t carry the same burdens as adults with their responsibilities and thoughts weighing them down. However, your child could be enduring a lot of stress that they shouldn’t have to be suffering through.

A recent survey has revealed that a lot of children and adolescents in the modern age are experiencing more stress than their predecessors. A lot of factors take weight in this, like bullying, social media, anxiety passed on by parental figures, and a lack of physical activity. These are unfortunately major factors in the modern child’s life, so it’s important to validate your child’s feelings and ensure that they are in the best environment that can help them cope and doesn’t instigate these stressors.

Healthily monitoring your child and your own social media habits can be helpful, and keeping an open line of communication and support can help them open up to you if they are struggling with pressure, social issues, and the like.


The term is often linked with images of starving individuals or those who are morbidly obese, but it starts affecting the system without showing such visible physical signs. That happens when your child’s diet isn’t balanced enough and they are either eating too much or too little of certain things, making them have deficiencies in their nutrients.

This leads to more health problems, so the best way to combat this is to make sure that you establish a healthy diet in your household. It covers both the type of food and the amount that is eaten. By implementing a balanced lifestyle in the home, your child can develop these habits early, especially if they are emulating their parents.

Of course, every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. So, knowing what to watch out for can make a difference in providing for them.


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