Learning About Dental Surgeries for Kids

Child Dental Care

Child Dental CareUnlike adult dental surgeries, children surgeries are high risk. Just ask Children’s Crossing Pediatric Dentistry. Some children experience anxiety, others are physically or mentally disabled while others are unable to remain calm for more than 10 minutes.

This is where sleep dentistry comes in handy to alleviate fear and anxiety. Additionally, it maximizes safety as it prevents any cases of injury during the procedure. With that said, here are categories of children surgeries that you may seek from a kids’ dentist.

Root Canal Surgery

The major function of a primary tooth is to create and secure space for the permanent teeth. As such, if a primary tooth is lost early, it will lead to effects such as overcrowding of teeth or in some cases it can prevent the eruption of permanent teeth.

Therefore, decays must be attended to on time through root canal surgery, to prevent it from spreading further to the pulp and roots.

Dental Crowns

This artificial cap is placed atop a damaged tooth to help it recover and regain its strength. In children, a dentist will only use a crown if a child cannot handle high sedative anesthesia, dental filling is not an option, or when a tooth is decayed.

Crowns are preferred since they are affordable and they will come off naturally, as the permanent teeth start erupting.

Tooth Extraction

Although it is highly discouraged, sometimes, dentists have to extract children’s teeth. It involves removal of the tooth from the bone socket.

It is often painful and requires the use of an ointment or anesthesia before the surgery. Sometimes, bleeding will follow the extraction, therefore; a dentist should give gauze to control it.

To minimize the chances of dental surgery on your child, or to maximize the effectiveness of the oral surgery, ensure that a proper oral hygiene schedule is followed.

Note that children who have serious dental issues in their young age are likely to carry them as they age. Therefore, the earlier you take care of their mouths the better.


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