Healthy Habits to Reduce the Risk of Tooth Decay in Children

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Healthy children are happy children and children’s health should be a top priority for all parents, including their dental health. Encouraging healthy oral habits from a young age will certainly lead to a lifetime of great oral care.

Poor dental care in children won’t just affect their milk teeth but also their future dental health as an adult. This is because dental disease can spread to the adult teeth sitting beneath their gums, which have yet to come through. Thankfully, common problems such as cavities can be prevented with the help of an experienced dentist in Erskineville, such as Healthy Smile Centre.

Dental care always starts at home

Healthy smiles begin at home and as soon as a child’s first teeth erupt, parents should make sure they do everything to keep them healthy. Parents can keep the teeth of their toddlers clean with the help of a soft cloth and water after every feeding. It is also important not to send little ones to bed with a bottle of milk, since milk can leave a sugary coating on their teeth for harmful bacteria to feed off.

A dentist in Erskineville can help teach children the correct brushing and flossing techniques, while a family’s approach to day-to-day meals can also have a big impact on a child’s oral hygiene. Parents should limit the consumption of sodas and other sugary drinks as well as unhealthy sweets and snacks. Children should learn to eat foods rich in calcium and minerals such as cheese, fruit and vegetables.

Regular dental visits are a must

The dentist in Erskineville will recommend regular dental examinations and cleanings as soon as the first baby teeth erupt. Regular dental visits and preventive measures such as fluoride treatments will help keep plaque at bay, reducing the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. As children tend to imitate their parents’ behaviour, parents should also try to keep up with good oral hygiene habits and are encouraged to bring their children along to their own dental appointments. This helps children see that there is nothing to fear at the dentist, so they can develop a positive relationship with their dentist in Erskineville.


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