What to do When a Tooth is Injured

Smiling man with missing tooth

If a tooth is injured in an accident, it is a good idea to contact an emergency dentist in Mackay quickly. Depending on the injury, urgent treatment could mean the different between saving or losing the tooth.

Whether the injury is minor or major, the best thing to do is contact an emergency dentist in Mackay. Staff at practices such as Northern Beaches Dental in Mackay are experienced in emergency situations and will be able to give advice on the best course of action. The dentist will always try to treat an emergency on the same day.

Treating minor injuries

There are some injuries such as a lost crown or a small chip in a tooth that may not require emergency treatment. They should still be seen to before too long though, as the exposed tooth is vulnerable. It is not always possible to assess whether an injury counts as an emergency or not, so the best thing to do is the contact an emergency dentist in Mackay. A minor chip in a tooth can often be repaired with a filling or bonding.

What to do with a cracked or broken tooth

If a tooth is cracked or broken, treatment should be sought quickly with an emergency dentist in Mackay. It is important to have the tooth repaired if possible, to prevent further damage. A crown may be required if the crack affects the enamel and dentin of the tooth. If a sizeable piece of tooth has broken off, the dentist may fit a crown or cap to fix it. A badly broken tooth may require root canal treatment or extraction.

Action required if a tooth is knocked out

If a tooth is accidentally knocked out, an emergency dentist in Mackay should be sought out as soon as possible. Many dentists are available for emergency treatment out of hours for registered patients. If the tooth is undamaged and treated urgently, it may be possible to save it. Avoid touching the lost tooth by the root. Handle it by the crown and if possible, push it back into the socket and hold it there by biting down gently on a piece of clean cloth until a dentist can be seen.


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