Helping a Disabled Family Member Enjoy the Sun

Disabled old woman at the garden

Disabled old woman at the gardenMany families keep their loved ones with a disability at home. They think that the outdoors is terrible for them. They believe that danger and uncertainty always lurk around the corner, just awaiting their family member. While it can be true, one cannot entirely disregard the benefits of going outdoors. Keeping your disabled family members sheltered can actually cause more severe problems. Maybe it is time to rethink things.

This is why you should encourage your family members to go out. That is when they will realise that they are more independent than they think they are. The sun is good for their skin. In addition, strolling around can actually allow them to meet new people, who can then turn into friends. Having friends helps them have a support system they can always count on. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind:

Get Them a Portable Scooter

For those with some conditions that limit their movements, you can empower them and encourage independence by getting them portable scooters for sale. Doing so will help them move around even without you closely monitoring them. That way, they can visit the store or stroll around the park without having to bother or worry you. However, before you buy a scooter, make sure that the specs you are looking for are recommended or advised by the family doctor or physical therapist.

Try Fishing

When thinking of outdoor activities, many think that they will always require people to move around a lot or be highly active. However, this is not always the case. Many outdoor activities are actually quite passive. If you want your loved one to enjoy such activities, suggest fishing. It helps them to practice patience, and it brings them closer to nature.

Go Camping

Tents on a campsiteIf you want them to try something more adventurous, you can have them step out of their comfort zone. Why not invite them to go camping? This does not always have to involve strenuous activities, such as long walks, swimming, and hiking. Just a simple camping trip will do. This should not be hard work, as many national parks and facilities are suitable for people with disabilities.

Get a Dog

A dog might be a companion that your loved one is waiting for. Dogs are inherently active and playful, and your loved one will surely love them. If your loved one can walk or jog, a stroll in the park can give them some health benefits.

Find a Group with Similar Interests

At times, you might find it difficult to find outdoor activities for people with disabilities. When this happens, it pays to find a group that supports the cause. Some organisations come up with outdoor activities for the benefit of people with disabilities.

In the end, these are just some things to keep in mind if you want your loved one with a disability to enjoy the outdoors. Making them feel independent is one of the best ways to help them live life to the fullest.


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