How Much Should You Spend on Laser Hair Removal?

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The price of laser hair removal will depend on different factors such as the number of required treatments, although the American Society of Plastic Surgeons says that it costs an average $235 per session.

The location serves as another reason for the price difference. If you live in Utah, the cost of laser hair removal at clinics such as Clarity Skin might be cheaper than in Salt Lake City. Rates in major cities can be more expensive due to the higher cost of living and demand for services. While laser removal can be cheaper in second-tier cities or suburban areas, it doesn’t necessarily mean substandard work if you know a competent surgeon or clinic.

Managing Your Laser Expectations

Laser hair removal has become a preferred option to eliminate hair on your face, legs, underarms, and bikini line. You should expect the surgeon to advise you against waxing or plucking the hair from the target area at least six weeks before treatment. Otherwise, it won’t be as effective since laser works by removing hair from the roots, which will temporarily disappear if pluck or wax the target area.

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You should also stay indoors and avoid exposure to sunlight during this time to avoid complications and increase the efficiency of the treatment at the same time. During treatment, you might need to wear eye protection, especially if the procedure involves your face. A cold patch or cooling device can be placed on the treated area for better laser penetration.

Post-Surgery Care

Most patients can come back to work the next day after the treatment, but certain precautions need to be taken by then. You might experience some pain similar to a sunburn for the next few days post-surgery. If you have a darker skin color, it’s possible to have blisters, although these seldom occur after treatment. As long as you follow your doctor’s advice, some side effects aren’t likely to take place.

Each session can last for several minutes depending on the size of the treated area. Multiple sessions are spaced between four and six weeks. If you don’t inquire about a flexible payment plan, you might need to pay the full price upfront.

How to Finance the Procedure

Installment loans for cosmetic surgeries are common if the clinic doesn’t offer a financing option in partnership with a lending company. However, you can avoid paying interest on these loans by having a credit card that charges 0% interest on APR purchases.

If you dislike using credit, then asking your insurance provider is another option. There is a slim chance of approval, however, since most insurers won’t cover expenses for treatments that are considered to be cosmetic in nature.

When choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic, it’s better to ask for a recommendation from your family or friends. A clinic with extensive experience in delivering multiple types of laser treatments can also be helpful since this provides you with different options. Ask if they offer a flexible payment plan as well so that you won’t have to take out a loan.


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