How to find a dentist who will make you smile!

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When you are looking for a new dentist W1, it can be easy to think that going to the first one you see or the one that comes up first on a search engine results page is the way to get your teeth treated. With time being a limited commodity in many people’s lives, doing effective research can seem like a nuisance, but it is advisable you do your homework to save yourself from having to look elsewhere in the future. The fact is, dentists offer varying levels of service. Some practices focus more on general dentistry and refer patients to those who specialise in other treatments – such as dental implants, where missing teeth are replaced using screws that are attached to the jawbone and to which replacement teeth may be fixed. Other dentists, however, will offer general dentistry alongside these more specialist treatments, whether it be cosmetic dentistry, preventive dentistry or even facial aesthetics to give your whole face a refreshed glow. While you may not currently feel like you need more specialist care, it might be wise to think about the future when you may well be wishing your dentist could do more for you.

Here are some things to help you find the dentist you really need and will want to see.


We all know the importance of a good location when buying a home, so the same could be said for visiting the dentist. When researching where you would like your dentist to be, consider whether or not your potential options are near local transport links if you need them. You may prefer them to offer free parking or be within walking distance from your workplace. Whatever your requirements, do your research to ensure that you don’t feel fed up when it comes to trying to get to the dental practice.

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2.NHS or private?

For many people, looking for a dentist who offers private or NHS care can be an important factor in deciding upon whom to choose. The NHS has a search tool that may be useful for finding a dental practice that offers NHS provision. Some people do prefer to go private as this allows them to access a wider range of treatments that are beyond the scope of NHS funding. There may also be shorter waiting times for appointments and dentists typically have more time to build a rapport with their patients, which can be particularly beneficial if you are a nervous patient.


To gauge what a practice is like, a great place to start is by looking at their webpage. There, you should be able to find out all sorts of information from what treatments are offered to the staff and their qualifications. If you then pick up the phone to speak to the receptionist, take note of how friendly they seem; even better, pop in and ask to be shown around the waiting room and treatment room. If they are happy to help, this could be a good sign of things to come. If they’re not, maybe heed the warning signs.

Once you have found a dentist you are happy to go to after your research, you should be able to smile your best smile – from the treatment and the knowledge that you did the right thing!


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